Saturday, September 1, 2018

Digging for gold.

My local comic shop, Boscos, here in Anchorage, Alaska, recently had it's annual back issue sale.  The sale starts off at the begining of the month with all books at $4, then the next week $3 and so on till the end of the month when all books are 50 cents and the managers special is you can fill a short box for $50 or a long box for $60.  Last year I just filled a short box, this year I took advantage of the long box deal.  I didn't do a count, but I'd estimate I'd got well over 300 or so comics.  I was even encouraged to stuff more on the sides, so I did.  By the time the price get down this low, the sales area is in complete chaos, any order that existed is gone, piles of comics are everywhere.  Condition becomes a big issue, but if you dig and take your time there was still gold and deals to be had. I'll feature some of the other comics I picked up in future posts but the best book by far out of the deal was this one.
If you're wondering what the big deal was with a 90's Iron Man comic, well issue 304 just happens to be the first appearance of the Hulkbuster armor.  Not a bad pick up for about 20 cents and to my surprise this book is in really good shape, no where near 9.8, but definately solid low 9's.  I ended up picking up a huge stack of Iron Man for my collection lot's of Vol 1 fillers and a lot of Vol 3, with a bunch of variant covers, plus lots of modern mini-series and such.  Anyone have any luck gold digging?


  1. Congratulations on this find. I'm not an avid comic book reader, so I would never had know that piece of trivia. But thanks to the movies, I know the Hulkbuster armor you're referring to.

    Didn't find any gold this weekend, but I found a few cardboard nuggets at the card show on Friday and the flea market yesterday.